Banjo On The Brain is a web page dedicated sharing the experience of
collecting vintage Gibson and Vega banjo's to play. This page is for those
with a strong conviction that these vintage banjos produce the desired tone.
Banjo's displayed here will be "Working banjo's" built for the best possible
sound with the bonus of a vintage instrument that will increase in value as
time passes. The intent is to make this page a resource for tips on acquiring
vintage instruments as well as be a market place for banjos, banjo parts, and
other instruments.

With almost 20 years of hands on experience identifying authentic Gibson
and Vega banjo's you can be confident every instrument is described
accurately and honestly. Each instrument comes with a signed letter of
inspection. Richard A. Green . Greenville S.C. 29605
Phone 864-498-9611
Phone 864-498-9611