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1930 RB3 conv.
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Fine sounding RB3 conversion. 1930 Gibson mastertone rim with
original archtop tone ring with label and S# 9550-21.  60's or so
Gibson neck and resonator. Prewar co-or rods. All other hardware is
modern reproduction. This banjo is ready to play! Hear it on youtube!
The heart of this banjo is a 1930 TB3 Gibson rim with its original archtop tone ring. This is an original "one
piece flange rim" and archtop tone ring!  The rim is rough as a cob and has had a hard life. From the looks
of the neck its made a lot of music ! The Gibson label is well worn but is authentic and has been inspected
by a well known and respected vintage instrument dealer. S# 9550-21 is stamped in the rim as well as
"pat appld for".  Its the real thing!  The tone ring is in great condition and sounds great!   The only thing
this banjo could use is a full flathead tonering and it wouldn't be a sin to cut this rim, but when you play it
you may not want to change a thing.(I hope an archtop lover will get this one) It does sound good!  The
flange, tension hoop and hooks and nuts are nickel plated modern replacement, my best guess is its from
the 60's or 70's. The co-or rods look to be prewar. Resonator hardware and the tailpiece are modern
replacement. No arm rest (Just don't have an extra).  The neck and resonator are a matching set and
most likely 60's Gibson (or darn good copy). The neck is mahogany with hearts and flowers inlay and
Mastertone block in a rosewood fretboard. The headstock is a fiddle shape with Gibson and inlayed in
MOP.  The neck width at the nut is 29mm or 1 5/32". The frets and fretboard do have wear but the banjo
plays well and there is plenty of fret left for a re-crown. Try the link to video on youtube and hear what a
great sounding and great looking banjo this is. The resonator is also mahogany with the concentric rings
on the back. There is one small weather check on the back of the resonator and a few light scratches. Two
tuners (stamped Gibson) and the fith string tuner are chrome plated with MOP buttons and two others
are nickel planets (Stew Mac/ w plastic buttons).Fith string spikes at the 7th and 9th fret. Comes with a
nice old arch top case ( 50's Gibson). Its the kind of case that makes people ask, What ya got in that old
case? This banjo may not be a great collector piece but its a super picker banjo with the sound only a pre
war rim can deliver. Build your dream banjo on a 193
0 rim. This is a real good sounding banjo, it may not
be perfect but it has the heart of a great banjo! Something to build on.
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